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***Please join us, Replace White Supremacy, in protesting Tucker Carlson’s incitement of racist terrorism. Trying to start a genocide is a crime under international law. We’re protesting at Fox News studios at 400 N. Capitol St., Washington, DC, every Thursday 4:30-5:30 pm***

Reflections on the Fall of America

Maximum Trumpian Danger Is Fast Approaching

When the indictments come down and Trump’s lawyers tell him they are negotiating his surrender to federal agents, nothing will be simpler for him than to post a message like the one depicted above to his followers, over his much-mocked “Truth Social” website.

The Age of the MAGA Martyr Is Here

The entire MAGA right, including what can only be called the Republican Party establishment, has let loose a torrent of hysterical and violent rhetoric that has already led to bloodshed.

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