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The Landslide Hope

We have a brief note on the currently fashionable slender reed of hope for averting disaster in the upcoming presidential election: that Joe Biden’s margin of victory will be so massive that the dictator will be unable to challenge it. Unfortunately, we believe this hope to be as misplaced as all the others. First, public opinion polls, which have consistently put Biden’s popular vote lead in the 5-to-7 percent range, give us no reason to expect a landslide. More fundamentally, there is no reason to expect it would make any difference. The dictator has been claiming for four years now that his loss of the 2016 popular vote by a margin of 3 million was due to fraud, so why would he react any differently to losing by 10 or 15 million votes? And why would his tens of millions of diehard supporters fail to believe him in this, when they have swallowed the rest of the avalanche of lies he has spewed for more than five numbing years now? 

“One may pray for a miracle,” the ancient rabbis wisely counseled, “but not depend on it.”

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