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T Minus 48 Hours: The Forbidden City

With 48 hours to go until the dictator’s term of office ends and Joe Biden is due to be sworn in as president, a tense and jittery calm appears to have settled over the nation. The threatened armed protests in state capitols failed to materialize yesterday, after the fascists warned one another that it was a “trap.” No such self-warnings have been reported for Inauguration Day, but they will surely find it impossible to stage a surprise mob attack on the inauguration itself, inasmuch as 25,000 National Guard troops have turned Washington, D.C. into an armed fortress, with the National Mall shut down, checkpoints everywhere, etc. But a handful of heavily armed fascist loners have already been arrested inside what can only be called the Forbidden City. There can be no absolute assurance that would-be sniper assassins aren’t on the prowl, and worse, as we have already warned, that the National Guard itself isn’t infiltrated with fascists.

If public reports are to be believed, the dictator himself is obsessing over whom to grant last-minute pardons, split between self-protective pardons of his henchmen (and possibly himself and his family), and straight-up pardons-for-cash. This at least implies he is not still scheming to stay in office past noon on Wednesday.

Assuming these extraordinary measures work and Biden is able to take office, the question then becomes how intense of an armed terrorist insurgency will develop. Latest polling figures suggest that support for the January 6 fascist putsch has now declined to “only” 8 percent of American adults, and 15 percent of Republicans, which we suppose must be taken as good news, but still means there are millions of American fascists who are willing to openly brag about their support for an armed uprising to a stranger over the phone. So while we cannot make any sort of precise prediction, we can say that America is about to reap the fruits of its so-called gun culture, at the core of which is two generations’ worth of propaganda about how every red-blooded (white) American must arm himself to the teeth (or herself, they have not neglected the ladies!) against the menace of federal tyranny. A tyranny that the dictator, posing as the second coming of Jefferson Davis, has now told them is at hand.

Pleasant dreams.

Maine Army National Guard (MEARNG) Private First Class (PFC) Douglass Burndrett, with Detachment 1, 169th Military Police Company (MPC), aims his FNMI 5.56 mm M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) while on a convoy training mission in support of Exercise JOINT THUNDER. (Illustrative)

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