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A Few Simple Questions for All the Righteous Souls Condemning Israel

You say you are especially concerned over the fate of powerless Palestinian civilians. Very well, so where were you when Assad’s forces butchered countless Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp?

  1. You say you must stop Israel’s “genocide” of Palestinians. According to the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health in Gaza, over 200 people have lost their lives in the enclave during the current round of fighting. According to Israel, most or at least very many of these were armed Hamas terrorists, but leave that aside. How many furious protests have you attended since the start of the Syrian Civil War ten years ago, in which hundreds of thousands of mostly Muslim civilians have been killed and millions of refugees have fled their homes?
  2. When was the last time you took to the streets in your rage over the ongoing Chinese genocide of the Muslim Uighurs?
  3. I’m sure you’ve made your voice heard about the expulsion and genocide of the Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar, haven’t you?
  4. Or the slaughter of civilians in Yemen caught between Saudi Arabia and Houthi rebels armed by Iran?
  5. Oh, but you say you are especially concerned over the fate of powerless Palestinian civilians. Very well, so where were you when Assad’s forces butchered countless Palestinians in the Yarmouk refugee camp?
  6. You say you only have a problem with Israel and hotly deny that you have an antisemitic bone in your body. So why do you march alongside people like these?
  7. You say that Israel’s “oppression” of Palestinians is “racist” and exactly comparable to South African apartheid or American oppression of Black people. So you let racists like these know that their words were unacceptable, right?
  8. You claim Israel is a Goliath trampling on a Palestinian David, but why do you ignore the extremely powerful backers of Hamas and other Palestinian terrorists and the genocidal threats they are constantly making against Jews?
  9. You claim Zionists are like Nazis, but do you know that one of the main founders of Palestinian nationalism actually met with Hitler and collaborated extensively with the Nazis?
  10. You demand to know why Israel and America are blocking the Palestinians from having their own state, but do you know how many times the Palestinians have been offered their own state, and have refused even to negotiate about it? Perhaps you haven’t heard of the British Peel Commission of 1937, but you do know that when the United Nations voted in 1947 to establish Israel, it voted for an Arab state to be created alongside it, right? Or how the Arab League vowed in 1967, in response to Israel’s post-Six Day War offer to pull out of most of the newly occupied territories, that there would be no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it, and no peace with it? Just since the start of the current century, Yasser Arafat stormed out of the Camp David in 2000 rather than even discuss Israel’s offer of almost the entire West Bank, and Mahmoud Abbas did much the same in negotiations with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert from 2006 to 2008.

No doubt I will be accused of presenting the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in black-and-white terms favoring Israel, as if the Jewish state is always blameless and pure in its actions and bears no responsibility for the ongoing violence. I do fault Israel for moving to expel Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem, just to pick out one spark for the current round of hostilities, and the country owes its own Palestinian Arab citizens something better than second-class citizenship. But I challenge anyone to find another country that has done better, under a century-long state of constant siege.

3 thoughts on “A Few Simple Questions for All the Righteous Souls Condemning Israel

    1. There are indeed many parties interested in welding African American civil rights activism in general, and Black Lives Matter in particular, to the Palestinian nationalist movement. But most supporters of BLM have no interest in the Middle East conflict one way or another, it seems to me.


  1. Well, just as with BLM, Stalin had many of the same of “most supporters”, he called them, “useful idiots”. What is happening to Israel today is an intentional, well organized strategy of the democratic party,( which has been hijacked by the communist left).

    During the last administration the city of Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel, to which the American embassy was moved, six peace treaties were signed with other Arab nations and NOT ONE terrorist attack or act of aggression was perpetrated against the nation of Israel.

    Within less than 150 days of the new democratic presidency, Israel is once again under a threat for its existence, Iran has ONCE AGAIN become a regional super power, American war ships are being harassed and having to fire warning shots at Iranian aggressors, the democrats have ONCE AGAIN funded Hamas to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars and here we are. Thousands of rockets raining down on Israel and Israel is being blamed for being the aggressor by the democratic party leadership. I guess one could easily say, “you got what you voted for”, as sad and unfortunate as that truth is. S.C.


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