A Curse Upon the Supreme Cowards Who Spread Disease and Death

In vain do they hide.

Today the Supreme Court’s MAGA majority of six, half of them appointed by Typhoid Donald himself, delivered themselves of an unsigned opinion that the Biden administration’s attempt to require large employers to have their workers vaccinated or submit to frequent testing for COVID-19 was an unconstitutional violation of liberty.

Why unsigned, then? Why wouldn’t the brave and fully vaccinated defender of the freedom to infect and the liberty to spread suffering and death be proud to sign his or her name to this manifesto? Does a still, small voice whisper that the MAGA madness will pass, as all things do, and that posterity will curse the name of the “justice” who condemned a quarter of a million Americans to struggle to breathe in a hospital (according to the government’s estimate), and a significant fraction of those to a lingering, painful death?

Since the pen that wrote those words of blood did not see fit to sign, it is just and it is more than just to assign the blame and the everlasting shame for the needless suffering and death of who knows how many people to all six of the grotesquely misnamed “conservatives” on the United States Supreme Court who raised their hands for this disastrous measure.

Therefore, think of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, silent defender of all things old and traditional, when you must comfort a sobbing friend whose beloved grandmother just died of COVID-19 in a “nursing home,” alone and afraid.

Spare a thought for Associate Justice Samuel Anthony Alito, fierce Defender of the Faith, when your neighbor who attends church every Sunday and fervently believes the vaccines are a plot by the Antichrist to steal our souls, is taken to the hospital in an ambulance, struggling to breathe.

Remember Associate Justice Brett Michael Kavanaugh, who wants to be thought of as a girls’ soccer coach who loves beer and is definitely not into sexual assault, when your kid’s entire soccer season is canceled because half the team is infected, two badly enough to be sent to the hospital.

Recall Associate Justice Neil McGill Gorsuch, mighty champion of the Federalist Society and speechmaker at the Trump Hotel, when your MAGA uncle who is a ton of fun as long as you stay off of politics, is placed on a ventilator.

Bring to mind Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, heroine of the “pro-life” movement, when your toddler son who is too little to be vaccinated is rushed to St. Jude’s, too young to understand what’s happening to him.

And the next time Chief Justice John Glover Roberts, the supposed moderate and balancing force, demands respect for the court he leads, and that he pretends makes decisions on an Olympian plane far above filthy politics and the concerns of mere mortals, you will know that curses are all that he and it and deserve.

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