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U.S. Civil War 2, Day 9: The MAGA Invasion of Canada

Have I got some bad news for you, if you were planning to decamp to Canada when Trump comes back.

A hallmark of true totalitarian movements, noted by Hannah Arendt in the immediate aftermath of World War II, is that in principle they want to conquer the whole world. Therefore, they recognize no limits and respect no national boundaries. So it is with MAGA, which is now attempting to take over Canada. In the name of “freedom,” of course.

I’m referring to the so-called trucker protest that has terrorized Ottawa and blockaded the major border crossings to the United States. This is no laughing matter, though it’s certainly strange to see Trump flags paired with the maple leaf flag and the slogan, “Making Canada Great Again!” Here we see a perfect example of how extreme nationalism is not a stronger form of patriotism, but its very opposite, as the late Hungarian-born American historian John Lukacs pointed out. Whoever these truck-driving fascists are (and it seems they don’t speak for most actual Canadian truckers), they do not love Canada. They are MAGAs who apparently aim to create some kind of monster totalitarian North American superstate, just as Nazi Germany swallowed up Austria in 1938’s Anschluss (“Union”). One important difference here is that the vast majority of Canadians want no part of such a project, while the great majority of Austrians loved Anschluss and quickly became more enthusiastic Nazis than the Germans themselves—Hitler himself being, of course, an Austrian, as was the fanatical Jew killer Adolf Eichmann (a subject on which Arendt was completely wrong). Not that MAGAs care about what Canadians actually want. Like all totalitarian movements, they claim to represent the mystical, true will of “the people,” meaning only their people, as opposed to the actual will of the entire people as expressed through “corrupt” elections.

The Very Stable Genius himself is egging on the truck siege of Canada, which in turn has metastasized back into the United States and overseas into other English-speaking countries, including even New Zealand, as well as continental Europe. The new farce/fascism is even more contagious than Omicron.

The Canadian authorities need to stop treating these people with kid gloves. There is nothing that inflames fascism more than signs of weakness.

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