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The March of Impunity

More heroes of impunity have just been created for the MAGA Farce/Fascist movement, as a Michigan jury voted to acquit two men of plotting to kidnap and assassinate Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and deadlocked on the charges against two of the other alleged plotters. The government had tapes, but aww heck, said the defense attorneys: they were just a bunch of stoners talking shit.

Unlike Senator Ted Cruz, I do not believe that defense attorneys sympathize with murderers, although I did not attend Harvard Law School like he did. So I have no beef with the lawyers, who were just doing their job for their clients. But it is another disturbing brick in the wall of legal impunity being built for the Farce-Fascists, from their Very Stable Genius leader himself down to the stoner-troopers and young thugs who have deputized themselves as riot police and executioners of Commie Pedophile Democrats. The would-be assassins may have just been acquitted, but have no doubt that like that other “innocent” man Kyle Rittenhouse, they will now go on to cry victim for having been put on trial at all, while celebrating their dark deeds and being richly rewarded by elected MAGA officials and Fox News hosts.

It’s funny, isn’t it, how this latest outrage occurred just after Congress finally managed to pass a federal anti-lynching law. Of course, this law is being enacted a century too late, long after lynching became passé. That Congress failed to pass such a law for decades was an older form of impunity for an older form of American white barbarism. The Democratic National Convention tore itself to pieces back in 1924 fighting over an anti-KKK plank, which did not pass—it would take another forty years for the Confederate heritage-mongers of the Lost Cause, the noose and the whip to decamp for the Republican Party. From those commanding heights, they now lead the charge to institutionalize a more seamless, “efficient,” fascist form of injustice. Come January 20, 2025, if not sooner, pardons will flow to one and all as the American stoner-troopers burst forth to commit new heinous deeds, with impunity.

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