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Happy Now, Tucker Carlson?

News has just broken that an 18-year-old White man massacred ten people, mostly Black, in a Buffalo supermarket this afternoon, in what the authorities are calling a racially motivated hate crime—indisputable, as the perpetrator, who will not be granted his share of personal infamy in this space, posted a “manifesto” online that referred to “replacement theory,” the neo-Nazi ideology espoused most notoriously by Fox News anti-social personality Tucker Carlson. The local sheriff called the act “pure evil,” which is true and indisputable and also wholly inadequate.

Reports indicate that the terrorist was outfitted with heavy weapons and body armor, that he planned the attack on Discord and live-streamed the massacre on Twitch. This should not be called a lone-wolf attack in any sense of that loosely used term. It is part of an international wave of racially and religiously motivated terrorist attacks, with victims targeted because they are Black, or Latino, or Jewish, or Muslim. The perpetrators openly plot online beforehand, and live-stream in hopes of ginning up a racial or religious “war” in which they intend that white Christian men shall commit genocide against the targeted groups. Forty or fifty years ago, perhaps, it would have been possible to dismiss such schemes as nothing more than deranged fantasies. Remember, Charles Manson had his followers murder other White people in the summer of 1969 and try to make it look like the perpetrators were racially motivated Blacks, in hopes of triggering a “race war.” Mainstream American society distanced itself from these heinous crimes by branding the “Manson family” sick and evil and so on, rather than confronting the racist ideology from which they sprang and which newly minted President Richard Nixon had used, in diluted form, to ascend to the White House.

The situation now is infinitely worse, in that Carlson, J.D. Vance, and other “mainstream” figures of the MAGA movement are incessantly hammering home to their followers that Democrats are seeking to “replace” White Christians with nonwhite immigrants. These Nazi fantasies are propagated by Fox News and other up-to-the-minute media networks and techniques that Josef Goebbels would have killed (even more people) to get his hands on. This is part of the fabric of MAGA ideology now, meaning the “race war” they are “warning” about has already been started—by them. The rest of us had better wake the hell up fast. By the time the monthly casualties start to mount into the hundreds, and then the thousands, instead of “only” dozens of innocent souls, no power on earth will be able to halt the all-American genocide.

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