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Forced Population Transfers Spell the Start of America’s End

The ramifications of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s “stunt” earlier this week of having his agents trick a group of fifty Venezuelan refugees in Texas into boarding a plane to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts are even more serious than they appear. His fellow Republican Governor, Greg Abbott of Texas, claims to have deported more than 7,400 migrants to Washington, D.C. and more than 1,500 migrants to New York City, with larger numbers to come to these cities and Chicago. MSNBC reports that Arizona Republican Governor Doug Ducey is doing the same.

Numbers this large amount to forced population transfers, a phenomenon that has both historically and in the current period accompanied genocide around the world. This is far more than a prank meant to embarrass the Biden administration, “blue state” governors, and “sanctuary cities.” If they forcibly expel enough migrants, DeSantis, Abbott, et al. appear to believe, they will overwhelm the ability of the target cities to care for them, leading to suffering and eventually mass death. Texas has spent more than $12 million so far on these forced population transfers, so how long before there is pressure to cut back on the “cushy” buses and shove the migrants instead into, oh I don’t know, maybe cattle cars? Why waste expensive food and water on these unwanted “illegals”? Let the fancy-pants liberals in New York City feed them, instead!

All these Republican governors must be hoping that citizens in the “blue states” will become angry at being “flooded” with immiserated people and turn against them as well, feeding the racist MAGA movement. After all, it’s easy to hate and fear the very poor, especially if they are deliberately abused and starved first. Look at those disgusting animals, fighting each other for scraps of food! And if that doesn’t work? That’s when the MAGA fascist governors will “be forced” to take more direct action to “protect the people of their states,” goaded on and cheered every step of the way by TuKKKer Carlson and the other genocidaires of “Fox News.”

DeSantis, Abbott, and Ducey are breaking numerous laws on the face of it by engaging in human trafficking, fraud, and kidnapping, not to mention violating the federal jurisdiction over immigration. But nobody and nothing is stopping them from doing it again and again, and boasting of their filthy deeds as they escalate matters even further. America will not survive as a nation if it allows a genocide to take place on its soil. Nor should it.

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