Stop Playing the MAGA Game, Democrats. Attack, Attack, Attack!

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to spot Florida Fascist Governor Ron DeSantis on television this week, you’ve seen him taking a victory lap for his crime against humanity of trafficking Venezuelan refugees from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. He was saying that Martha’s Vineyard couldn’t afford to house those refugees, so why should the citizens of his poor state have to? You have to stop and consider: the suckers who eat that shit up will hear him saying such things on Fox News, and the Fox News “hosts” repeating them ad nauseam, but they will not be shown how the people of Martha’s Vineyard actually treated the refugees and cared for them until they had to send them on to the mainland because there wasn’t any place to house them on their little island. The suckers’ world is almost as effectively sealed off from actual news and information as North Korea, which is why there is no getting through to them.

The Democrats have to stop responding to these vicious pranks and fact-free attacks. It’s a losing game. This is an old, old rule in politics: once put on the defensive by an aggressive opponent, you may never regain your footing. The aggressor captures the limelight and sets the agenda, a lesson well learned by Richard Nixon from an early political mentor called Murray Chotiner. As recounted by Garry Wills in his book Nixon Agonistes, which came out in the thirty-seventh president’s first term, before the Watergate scandal set in, Nixon went on to observe that if there is a movement to “stop X,” it’s because “X” is the man of the hour. Which is precisely the predicament America is still in, regarding Trump: after all these years and all the disasters he was responsible for in four short years, it’s still a question of who or what can ever stop him.

The Democrats are slowly beginning to learn Chotiner’s lesson: you must attack, rather than responding to the other side’s attacks. This is especially so when the other side’s attacks are based on nothing real whatsoever, but are entirely falsehood heaped on delusion and finished off with lies. They want to insinuate that LGBTQ people are all child abusers? Let’s hit them back with “Gym” Jordan and Matt Gaetz and, oh yeah, roll that tape again and again of Trump yucking it up with his buddy Jeffrey Epstein as they perv out on all those models. Remind voters over and over again that the MAGA Republicans want to take away all their rights and give all their money to Trump and his golfing buddies. That “the party of law and order” is now nothing but a criminal racket that takes orders from a cheap Queens imitation of a lowlife Mafia boss. As Harry Truman said, we will tell the truth about them and make them think it’s hell.

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