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Trump and the Paradox of Jew Hatred

So here I am again, dear reader, banging on about antisemitism. Aren’t I sick to death of writing about it? You bet I am. No more and no less than Black Americans are of grappling with the endless, unreasoning hatred of their White compatriots.

The occasion this time is of course the Very Stable Genius’s latest blast at “disloyal” American Jews–disloyal to him, that is, in that the vast majority of us fail to see his nonexistent virtues. He dresses it up, as he has before, in a scolding for our failure to recognize that “No President has done more for Israel than I have.” In this, says Rabbi Donald, we compare unfavorably to “our wonderful Evangelicals.”

On one level, it is deeply hilarious that the world’s worst excuse for a Christian thinks he can lecture us American Jews on our supposed failures. But there is nothing funny about this disgusting demagogue stirring up Jew hatred, using us as a scapegoat as his kind have done since the Emperor of Rome ruled the world. For him, it’s business as usual, creating a distraction as the agonizingly slow wheels of justice grind ever closer to him, and at the same time soothing his forever bleeding narcissistic stigmata–us American Jews also stink compared to our Israeli brothers and sisters, he says, who love him as he deserves.

Oh, but you have Rabbi Donald all wrong, cry those wonderful Evangelicals and the noisy minority of American Jews who are also in his thrall. He really is the best friend you people ever had. Why do you hate him so? Are not some of his best in-laws and lawyers and accountants Jewish? Didn’t he say he only wanted guys with yarmulkes counting his money? Oops, maybe that’s not the best example of his philosemitism. But you know what we mean. You people really are hypersensitive, going on about how he called the tiki-torch marchers in Charlottesville “very fine people.” He didn’t mean the Nazis there, he meant those OTHER demonstrators who were only concerned about their slaveholding heritage, you ungrateful bastards.

All of this is just so much gaslighting, as the popular term has it. Note that The Donald’s latest blast against American Jews concludes by warning us to change our ways “before it is too late!” Really, this is the language of a friend? In truth, the great majority of American Jews knew from the moment he lumbered onto that escalator to the paid cheers of hired actors that “populist nationalism” of his sort portends nothing but trouble for a despised minority like us. “Real America,” as Sarah Palin called the White Christian volk Trump claims to speak for, has no room for us. At best, we exist here on sufferance, until Jesus returns and forces us to choose between Him and Hell.

Like every other self-respecting twenty-first century Jew hater, “far right” or “progressive,” Trump covers his vile bigotry in a pious pretense of being the greatest of Jew lovers. And so we ungrateful Jew bastards are enjoined to kneel before him at once, “before it is too late!”


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