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Madame Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Tomorrow Belongs To Her

All of America can see Kevin McCarthy, the MAGA tool from California and current House Minority Leader, drooling with anticipation of becoming Speaker of the House in January, following the midterm elections. I’m here to tell you that it may not happen at all, or if it does, he will quickly come to rue the day. Whom the gods would destroy, they first elevate to Congressional Republican leadership.

One of the many things people like McCarthy fail to understand is that the mentality of the MAGA-tized Republican Party is precisely like that of the Islamist terrorists they sometimes find useful as a bogeyman to frighten the rubes with. That is, they are caught in a self-reinforcing spiral of ever-greater extremism. Just as the victorious Taliban in Afghanistan is now beset by ISIS suicide bombers, today’s crazed extremist MAGA is tomorrow’s RINO sellout in the eyes of the American fascist movement.

Case in point, the long-forgotten Republican Representative from Virginia, Eric Cantor, who lost his 2014 primary to Tea Party Republican nutjob Dave Brat despite an “A” grade from the National Rifle Association, a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee, etc. Even more to the point, McCarthy might remember the sad fate of the former Republican Speaker of the House and famous crybaby, John Boehner of Ohio, who did his level best to soothe the ever-madder hatters of Republican politics in that selfsame Tea Party era, and was openly joyful when the Party lost control of the House and he left Congress and politics altogether.

Boehner always gave the unmistakable impression of being an old-fashioned country club Republican who would rather be genteelly barring Jewish applicants from the golf course than threatening to default on government debt. McCarthy puts on a better show that his heart is really in it, but that will avail him nothing from the moment he is transformed from rebel with a knife blade clenched between his teeth to avatar of the dread Republican Establishment. He may not even win his colleagues’ vote for the speakership in the first place.

If he does prevail, he has already promised to give Marjorie Taylor Greene, the professional troll and nemesis of the Jewish Space Lasers from the great state of Georgia, plum committee assignments to compensate her for the injustice the evil Democrats perpetrated by keeping her off same. In so doing, he will be setting the timer on the bomb that will blow up his own ambitions. If, that is, the same Republican Congresscreatures who have given Greene standing ovations don’t short-circuit the new McCarthy era by simply elevating Greene herself come January.

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