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We Defy You Jew Haters

We defy you, Donald Trump. Every year at the holiday of Purim, Jews read in the Book of Esther about how Mordechai refused to bow down to Haman, and Haman conceived a hatred for the Jews for this slight to his narcissistic ego. A hatred so powerful he tried to kill all the Jews in the Persian Empire. He failed and was hanged on the gallows he had ordered built for Mordechai.

Few could have imagined that an American President would reenact the role of Haman quite so literally, but now Trump has. So be it. It so happens that my own Hebrew name is Mordechai, and I say to Trump: You who are concerned above all else never to appear to be a loser, have joined the biggest losers’ club of all time. You will fail again, as you have already failed, and everyone will laugh at you. “For I will bless them that bless thee, and curse them that curse thee.” Away with you, accursed Haman Trump.

Kanye West, trash musician, trash human being, curses the Jews. He says he’s going to “go Deathcon 3” on us. We have survived far smarter adversaries than you, loudmouth fakester and coward. Away with you, accursed Haman Kanye.

Nicholas Fuentes, punk kid podcaster, traitor to America, wants to throw us Jews out of the country he has betrayed. We will not be intimidated and we will not hide. We will live in America or in Israel, or wherever we wish, and it is your kind who will have to hide in shame. Away with you, accursed Haman Nick.

Ilhan Omar, immigrant and empty provocateur, thinks she can demonize us Jews for double loyalty. All she has accomplished is to stain all the good little “progressives” who leap to her defense with a stain they will never expunge. How is it that you claim to be on the side of humanity while spouting the oldest hatred known to the human race? Away with you, accursed Haman Ilhan, and take your fake progressive friends with you.

“In every generation, they rise up to destroy us,” says the two-thousand-year-old Passover Haggadah that tells the ageless tale of the Israelites’ escape from Egyptian slavery. In every generation, they try their worst, and in every generation, they fail and are destroyed. Away with you, oh you haters of the people of Israel. We will prevail and we will flourish, and you will be forgotten except when we recall you to curse your memory.


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