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Jews Are Not Your Pawns

Yesterday, when the Republicans expelled notable Jew hater Ilhan Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee, supposedly for her antisemitism, the even more notable Jew hater Marjorie Taylor Greene stood up and clapped.

No one Jew can ever speak for the entire Jewish people, for since ancient times we have been notorious even amongst ourselves for our violent disagreements. Nevertheless, on behalf of the Jewish people, I say to Omar, Greene, the Republican Congressional majority and the Democratic Congressional minority that leapt to Omar’s defense: Up yours, we are not pawns in your filthy game.

This sinister farce is a perfect illustration of the truth that while Jews are the victims of antisemitism, antisemitism is not really about them. It has been said very truly that the antisemite projects onto the Jews the things he hates in himself and his society. We Jews are the scapegoats for every phantasmagorical fear of frightened and hateful people, such as Greene’s invocation of the nineteenth-century Jew haters’ obsession with the European Jewish Rothschild banking family (the George Soroses of their day), which she flimsily updated with “space lasers.” For Omar, too, all the evil in the world somehow boils down to Jews and money. Why these two provocateurs aren’t the best of friends is beyond me. They are certainly boosting one another.

With tears in her eyes, Omar insisted yesterday on her Americanness. In this, she spoke truly. She and her photo-negative White twin Greene are leading their respective political parties into the no-exit maze of conspiratorial antisemitism, thinly cloaked with self-righteous accusations against the other side for the same thing. They are both political entrepreneurs, self-made women, pioneers of a new age of American darkness based on the oldest hatred. Up yours, jokers. We Jews have survived worse than you, and a thousand years from now, we are the only ones who may remember you both, only to laugh at your pathetic failure.


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