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The Winter of the Patriarch

We have an atmosphere of impunity for participants in a fascist putsch, many of whom were heavily armed, a sullen ex-dictator plotting an even worse comeback, a huge and widely supportive milieu for further violence, and a federal government divided against itself and apparently unwilling or unable to defend itself.

The Eve of Battle?

Over the longer term, it is next to impossible to see how millions of Trump supporters will become disabused of their very own “stab-in-the-back legend.” Like millions of nationalistic Germans after that country lost World War I, they are embittered by defeat, which they falsely attribute to a secret conspiracy, and view the new national government as illegitimate.

The Making of a Cassandra

Being Cassandra: A Brief Memoir I have been living in stark terror of Donald Trump and the maelstrom of hatred he has unleashed for exactly five years and seven months. I can date the onset of this fear precisely to June 16, 2015, when his first presidential campaign caught fire with his demonization of Mexican immigrantsContinue reading “The Making of a Cassandra”