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It’s Not About Intelligence

And so I found myself defending freedom of speech and the press and thought, to a fellow graduate of the University of Chicago’s Common Core Curriculum, one of the most brilliant people I have ever met.

There Is No ‘Border Crisis.’ There Is an Incitement To Genocide Crisis.

Fox News and other fascist propagandists are engaging in what the scholar of genocide Daniel Jonah Goldhagen calls dehumanization of migrants when they use language such as “migrants swarm border ahead of Title 42’s end.” Harmful insects swarm, not human beings, and you call an exterminator for them.

Is an American Genocide Starting?

We have moved far beyond the stage of rhetoric. Spurred to action by Tucker Carlson and other Nazi-esque propagandists fulminating against nonexistent plots to “replace” white Christians, domestic terrorists have already begun to slaughter the groups supposedly responsible.


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