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There Are No Technical Fixes for American Fascism

Dear reader, how many earnest proposals have you seen over the past six years or so for “fixing” what is wrong with American democracy? Let’s abolish the Electoral College. Let’s try “ranked-choice voting.” Let’s all vow to practice civility. Let’s get “dark money” out of politics. Let’s make Facebook change its algorithms so they stopContinue reading “There Are No Technical Fixes for American Fascism”

Political Pilgrims of the Alt-Right

Has Putin’s Russia become the head of a new Alt-Right International, the same way twentieth century Russia headed up the Communist International? It sure looks that way. The historian Paul Hollander’s book Political Pilgrims, which has gone through multiple editions, is a single-volume encyclopedia of twentieth-century political cultism and delusion, mainly on the left, andContinue reading “Political Pilgrims of the Alt-Right”

The Sleep of Reason

Thousands of protesters from across the country — including some of the biggest names in the anti-vaccination movement — descended on the nation’s capital Sunday for a rally against vaccine mandates. Almost two years into a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 860,000 Americans…—The Washington Post, Sunday, January 23, 2022 We made a terrible mistake, long ago.Continue reading “The Sleep of Reason”

Is Religion To Blame for the Decline of Democracy?

At the end of 1995, I had an unsettling glimpse of the future. I was living in Israel at the time and keeping up my hobby of penpaling, including writing to a man about my age in India (I was in my twenties). On Saturday night, November 4, 1995, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinatedContinue reading “Is Religion To Blame for the Decline of Democracy?”

The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Neither

Along with “Make America Great Again,” one of the favorite slogans recycled ad nauseam by followers of the Very Stable Genius is that the “Silent Majority” supports him. Like the MAGA slogan itself, which was cribbed from Ronald Reagan’s 1980 presidential campaign, the phrase is plagiarized, in this case from a speech Richard Nixon gaveContinue reading “The ‘Silent Majority’ Is Neither”

The MAGA Mob Has a ‘Mind’ of Its Own

If you can put aside for a moment the stupefying amount of unnecessary death and suffering involved, the MAGA revolt against their own dictator over the COVID-19 vaccine is a fascinating development. Here is where the metaphor I introduced earlier in this blog, of the “very stable genius” dictator as the second coming of theContinue reading “The MAGA Mob Has a ‘Mind’ of Its Own”

The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Nonexistent Wolf: An American Fable

Once upon a time in flyover country, there was a big bad wolf and three little pigs who didn’t believe in him. The pigs were devoted watchers of Vulpine News, which kept telling them that the Big Bad Wolf was a hoax invented by panda bears to make pigs just like them look stupid. “CheckContinue reading “The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Nonexistent Wolf: An American Fable”