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Questions for God as America Fails

They say prayer has the power to help, so pray for me, MotherIn the human heart, an evil spirit dwellsI’m trying to love my neighbor and do good unto othersBut oh Mother, things ain’t goin’ well(Bob Dylan) Sorry to disturb your millennial silence, Sir, but, you know, we Jews have been doing that since theContinue reading “Questions for God as America Fails”

The National Crack-Up Is Well Under Way

The Biden administration is like a paramedic who pulls a large fat man from a flaming car wreck, bandages his gaping wounds, sets his broken bones, and even takes note that the patient is a diabetic who will soon die if his disease is not brought under control–all the while refusing to notice that the man’s heart has stopped.

The Winter of the Patriarch

We have an atmosphere of impunity for participants in a fascist putsch, many of whom were heavily armed, a sullen ex-dictator plotting an even worse comeback, a huge and widely supportive milieu for further violence, and a federal government divided against itself and apparently unwilling or unable to defend itself.