What Is It About the Jews’ Haters?

The question that is usually asked about Jew hatred is what it is about the Jewish people that makes others hate them so much. In the generations before the Holocaust, Germans called this the Judenfrage, the “Jewish question.” The idea was that the presence of Jews in Germany was a problem for the country. InContinue reading “What Is It About the Jews’ Haters?”

Amnesty for Antisemitism

Those who wish to destroy the Jewish state almost always hotly deny the charge of Jew hatred. Often, they claim they are merely opposed to Israeli policies, and the charge of antisemitism is meant to shield Israel against all legitimate criticism. Defenders of Israel must therefore waste time in responding to such attacks with aContinue reading “Amnesty for Antisemitism”

Love Can ‘Trump’ Hate, But It Needs Bodyguards

By all accounts, Rabbi Charlie Cytron-Walker, who was taken hostage along with three other people in Congregation Beth Israel of Colleyville, Texas, is a bridge builder, a ceaseless seeker of interfaith dialogue and doer of good deeds. The Islamist terrorist who took them hostage, and who will not be named here in the spirit ofContinue reading “Love Can ‘Trump’ Hate, But It Needs Bodyguards”

Rabbits Still Causing All the Trouble: An American Fable

Yes, my children, our country was once overrun with rabbits. I will tell you how we finally got rid of them. See, a long while before the time I’m telling you about, the wolves who lived east of the Great Big Ocean ate most of the rabbits in that land while the other animals wereContinue reading “Rabbits Still Causing All the Trouble: An American Fable”

Phantasmagorical Beliefs a Deadly Real-World Threat To America

I continue to believe that mockery is a brilliant weapon, both offensive and defensive, to use against murderous racists, because their beliefs are absurd; but one must be realistic about its limits.

Let’s Dispense with the Bullshit, Shall We, Madam Vice President?

The time to make a stand against the “progressive” Jew haters is now. Because tomorrow, Ilhan Omar or someone even worse will be calling for your husband’s death as a white-oppressor-Jew-Zionist-baby-killer. And they will do it in the name of social justice and the ideals the Democratic Party holds dear.

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