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You-Know-Who Is Lighting Matches

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but we have coast-to-coast kerosene fumes in the United States right now, and certain people are lighting matches. What do Trump and Sen. Rand Paul think they are doing, calling for a trucker protest blockade like the one that was just broken up in Canada to besiege Washington, D.C.Continue reading “You-Know-Who Is Lighting Matches”

Peaceful Secession From America Is a Dangerous Fantasy

The MAGAs demand to dominate it all, including cosmopolitan New York, where they insist on the “right” to rape the Statue of Liberty, replace her crown with a MAGA cap, tear off and melt down that plaque with Emma Lazarus’s paean to immigration, and take a dump on the pedestal, too, if they feel like it.

The Republican Party Declares War on the United States

The debate over whether a second civil war might break out in America is over, because the Republican National Committee has officially declared it. Meeting in Salt Lake City Thursday, the Republican National Committee passed overwhelmingly, and without public discussion, a resolution decrying “Democrat-led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse” in theContinue reading “The Republican Party Declares War on the United States”