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Nuclear Fusion Achieved! The Stars Beckon, But Trouble Awaits

Over the weekend, momentous news broke of a scientific breakthrough that promises to set the world on its ear yet again: the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has demonstrated a nuclear fusion reaction that generated more energy than it took to get going. A very short and nontechnical explanation from this nonscientist is inContinue reading “Nuclear Fusion Achieved! The Stars Beckon, But Trouble Awaits”

If America Goes Down, What Becomes of Democracy?

Here’s a prediction for you: In ten years, as the elected neofascist MAGA dictator of America coasts toward his third term, with an expected landslide of 80 percent of the (authorized, manipulated) vote, the flourishing democracy of Ukraine will take its turn at leading the European Union as it sends advisors and observers to helpContinue reading “If America Goes Down, What Becomes of Democracy?”