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A New Age of Infectious Disease

America in twenty or thirty years may look quite a bit like Russia today, a bankrupt, pariah nation with an impoverished, sick population of addicts that no one else would care about, except for its powerful, destructive, but incompetently led military and its clutch of nuclear weapons.

The Sleep of Reason

Thousands of protesters from across the country — including some of the biggest names in the anti-vaccination movement — descended on the nation’s capital Sunday for a rally against vaccine mandates. Almost two years into a coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 860,000 Americans…—The Washington Post, Sunday, January 23, 2022 We made a terrible mistake, long ago.Continue reading “The Sleep of Reason”

The Gerbils Who Did Their Own Research: An American Fable

Once upon a time, there was a chicken hawk called Howard who was tired of hunting teeny-weeny wild gerbils out in the badlands. You spend all morning spiraling upward on a thermal updraft, displaying excellent form, just to swoop down on an unsuspecting rodent, but quicker than lickety-split, that slick nitwit scampers away, and you’reContinue reading “The Gerbils Who Did Their Own Research: An American Fable”

The Inner Lives of Americans

The title of this post is something of a trick: if the pandemic has revealed anything about Americans, it is that all too many of us are utterly empty inside. When a true crisis came, we had no inner resources to drawn on. Viewed in this light, all of the maddening and terrifying social phenomenaContinue reading “The Inner Lives of Americans”

In a Land Where Death Walks Everywhere, Guard and Rejoice in Life

How do you express what it feels like at the dawn of the year 2022 in America, which seems to be a dying society, without counseling fatalism and despair? Those of us who refuse to succumb to the madness must reaffirm our devotion to life, in defiance of the morbid symptoms all around us. ThereContinue reading “In a Land Where Death Walks Everywhere, Guard and Rejoice in Life”