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An All-American Hybrid: The Coming Totalitarianism

It is now becoming possible for us to glimpse the dim outlines of the totalitarian Farce/Fascist regime preparing to take power in America, starting with the anticipated sweep of this November’s elections by the MAGA-tized “Republican” Party, and culminating no later than January 20, 2025, with a new MAGA president. However, it is entirely possibleContinue reading “An All-American Hybrid: The Coming Totalitarianism”

Losing the Struggle for Humanity

On a recent trip to Aruba, my wife and I visited a small museum dedicated to the history of slavery in the Caribbean island, a former Dutch colony. One detail I will never forget: some of the kidnapped Africans were put to work making salt by evaporating seawater. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong: as the waterContinue reading “Losing the Struggle for Humanity”