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What Happens When Trump Dies?

Everything depends on the timing, of course. If he can hold out, say, another five years, that might give his Farce-Fascist regime enough time to stabilize itself, after the Götterdämmerung of the 2024 election, the first few months of the Terror, the vast expansion of the prison and concentration camp system, and the unfair andContinue reading “What Happens When Trump Dies?”

An All-American Hybrid: The Coming Totalitarianism

It is now becoming possible for us to glimpse the dim outlines of the totalitarian Farce/Fascist regime preparing to take power in America, starting with the anticipated sweep of this November’s elections by the MAGA-tized “Republican” Party, and culminating no later than January 20, 2025, with a new MAGA president. However, it is entirely possibleContinue reading “An All-American Hybrid: The Coming Totalitarianism”

The March of Impunity

More heroes of impunity have just been created for the MAGA Farce/Fascist movement, as a Michigan jury voted to acquit two men of plotting to kidnap and assassinate Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and deadlocked on the charges against two of the other alleged plotters. The government had tapes, but aww heck, said the defenseContinue reading “The March of Impunity”

If America Goes Down, What Becomes of Democracy?

Here’s a prediction for you: In ten years, as the elected neofascist MAGA dictator of America coasts toward his third term, with an expected landslide of 80 percent of the (authorized, manipulated) vote, the flourishing democracy of Ukraine will take its turn at leading the European Union as it sends advisors and observers to helpContinue reading “If America Goes Down, What Becomes of Democracy?”

The Darkness Falls Over a Cowardly America

We are now at the point in our national life that nervous school administrators are removing potentially “controversial” books from the shelves of school libraries, before anyone asks or demands they do so. Largely, this is a question of accommodation to the Farce-Fascist MAGA movement’s “culture war” dictates, which means that anything that so muchContinue reading “The Darkness Falls Over a Cowardly America”