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The Counterfeit Wildebeest: An American Fable

In a distant era when there was still ice in Antarctica and wild animals in Africa, a lazy young lion named Tad came up with what he thought was a clever way to save work when hunting wildebeest. “I will dress up in wildebeest hide and tell them all the lions have run away,” heContinue reading “The Counterfeit Wildebeest: An American Fable”

The Witch Hunt: An American Fable

In a long-ago topsy-turvy time when a Black man had somehow gotten himself elected president of America, an unemployed steelworker and his wife lived in a run-down apartment deep in the Rustbelt, together with the man’s two children, Hansley and Gretlette. Now the wife was a selfish bitch and hated how her out-of-work husband keptContinue reading “The Witch Hunt: An American Fable”

Joaquin and the Beanstalk and la migra: An American Fable

Back when America was Great Again, a caravan of bad hombres plotted to invade the heaven-blessed land. Among the desperadoes was a woman named Maria and her son Joaquin, who had the unmitigated gall to try to get to El Norte to escape a gang of rapists and cutthroats whose fathers had been specially trainedContinue reading “Joaquin and the Beanstalk and la migra: An American Fable”

Phantasmagorical Beliefs a Deadly Real-World Threat To America

I continue to believe that mockery is a brilliant weapon, both offensive and defensive, to use against murderous racists, because their beliefs are absurd; but one must be realistic about its limits.