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Trump Goes the All-Time Loser’s Route: Blaming the Jews

As he sinks into irrelevancy and awaits indictment, the Very Stable Genius is embracing Jew hatred to mask his failures and find someone to blame for his humiliation.

Even before his hand-picked candidates were routed in the midterm elections and Election Denialism ’22 turned out to have no legs, Trump was repeating on his losers’ social media channel his 2019 rant against the vast majority of American Jews who have always shunned him and his brand of poisonous politics. The reprise didn’t go over well and didn’t work for long to keep him in the headlines in the way he always wants, setting the terms of his own notoriety.

Now that multiple legal defeats are piling up on top of his multiple political defeats, he is more desperate than ever to change the subject, and that, I suppose, accounts for his widely condemned meeting with Kanye West and the neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes. Even the Republican Jewish Coalition, heretofore known for more slavish loyalty to the Trumpenfuhrer than Jared Kushner himself, was compelled to criticize him. At this desperate hour, Trump’s bosom buddy Bibi Netanyahu, last seen on American TV screens shielding Trump from accusations of antisemitism by pointing to Kushner’s existence, is much too busy selling out his own constituents and American Jews in his quest to remain prime-minister-for-life to be of use.

It’s tempting to note that Trump is sinking deep into crankitude with this Mar-a-Lago conclave of crazies and leave it at that. After all, he is wallowing in Q-Anon and obsession with his 2020 loss in ways that no longer resonate with some critical mass of Republicans, who are eyeing the Florida Fuhrer Ron DeSantis with increasing avidity. But it must be remembered, there are still millions of diehard Trumpistas out there, and every time he gives some creep like Fuentes free air time, he brings in more recruits for the twenty-first century incarnations of his father’s dear old Ku Klux Klan. Murderous bigotry is never to be shrugged off as the harmless ranting of nutters, especially in the current American era of twice-daily gun massacres.

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